Valley of the Sun - Savage Hogwarts Adventures

Session 2 Notes

My first day of class

We start this session off with the students heading into Hogwarts, just outside the great hall, Professor McGonagall takes me aside to what looks like a classroom so that I can be “sorted” separately from the first years. She then leaves saying she will send someone for me.

While I wait, I look around the classroom poking through the things behind the lecture podium, after finding nothing of interest, an adult, Professor Lovegood comes in and we go through the “sorting ceremony”. The hat seems to think I would do well in House Slytherin and Ravenclaw, but ultimately places me in Ravenclaw, which is Prof. Lovegood’s house. I am then led into the great hall and sit at the Ravenclaw table.

I pull out my notebook and start making notes of the experience while waiting to see what happens next. Another Ravenclaw fifth year named Brunhilda starts a round of logic tests with the other Ravenclaw students, when I finally hear what is going on, I note the answers as I figure them out in my notebook.

After the first years are all sorted, the feast starts. We get some reminders of the rules from Prof McGonagall, and I identify Professor Brickston who teaches History of Dark Arts and Professor Clarkson who is the new potions master.

After the feast, I hear that Chloe is still missing, and then Hannah leads the first years and myself up to the Ravenclaw common room for the evening.

The next morning, I head down with the rest of the house to the great hall for breakfast and to figure out where my classes are. There is still some concern about Chloe, and I am asked if I have seen her, but since I have never met her, I wouldn’t know it even if I had seen her.

After breakfast my first class is Charms with Prof. Flitwick. We work on the banishing charm, I end up getting paired with Brunhilda, and we execute it fine. Prof. Flitwick has some disparaging comments on the quality of the wand instruction I was given and gives me some pointers. They worked well enough, but I don’t know if I will keep using them.

After class one of Trent’s friends Gustoff from house Hufflepuff tells us that Professor Hagrid has a unicorn foal and is going to lead an expedition into the off-limits Dark Forest to try to find its mother. They just need volunteers to go with them. I agree and plan to meet up with them an hour before sunset at Hagrid’s place.

The rest of my classes that day are uneventful, and soon it is time to meet up. When we get to Hagrid’s everyone is fascinated by the unicorn foal, but all I can think about is all of the uses there are for parts of the unicorn, maybe the mother will be dead when we find it and I can harvest some ingredients.

And that is where we ended it for the night. I hope with the next session we will start to get some sort of flow going.



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