Valley of the Sun - Savage Hogwarts Adventures

Session 3 Notes
First trip into the forest

We start the session with us about to follow Hagrid into The Dark Forest. As those in the lead proceed into the woods, I notice Prof McGonagall outside the castle looking around for someone, but she didn’t notice us heading into the woods.

Hagrid leads us along a trail and I keep an eye out for any potion ingredients that I might see along the way. Trent keeps rushing me, but I am the one that notices when a couple of the others start to wander away from Hagrid, and get them back on track.

Lilith gets tired after trekking through the woods for a while, so they rest for a while I poke around the area still looking for ingredients. After a little bit of time, we being to see a bunch of movement further in the forest heading towards us.

Eventually a dark centaur confronts us rudely. I let Hagrid and the others talk to him while I continue my looking around. Apparently this pisses him off, so he comes over to threaten me or whatever because I am not cowering in my boots in his presence. After his bluster a lighter centaur approaches and shoos the other away calling him Bane. The lighter centaur then introduces himself as Firinz. After some pleasantries with Hagrid, we are on our way again.

The path through the forest keeps getting darker and narrower. Brunhilda produces some light from her wand while Hagrid has his lantern. Eventually we find a patch of ground that looks like it has been trampled by a struggle. We find a tuft of unicorn fur and some unicorn blood. I also notice that the leaves on the ground were not from the trees in the area, as if they were drug over somehow.

At this point I suggest that something bad has probably happened and we should leave, but before we can do anything we are surrounded by goblins. They threaten us and tells us to go back. That we don’t belong here. Hagrid rebukes them, and then a scuffle breaks out. Most of the students go for their wands immediately, while Trent pulls out his beater’s club. There are disarming charms, immobilizing charms, and even a blinding charm cast at various goblins. I however through a potion of retching cloud at a pair of goblins. Pretty quickly the goblins are mostly unarmed or taken out of the fight when a hooded man shows up and casts a spell at Hagrid. Hagrid returns fire with a ball of fire torching the poor blinded goblin, but not injuring the wizard.

The goblins with Gustoff’s encouragement let us return the way we came, and so we as a group keeping a wary eye on the wizard move deliberately back towards Hogwarts. When I get back, I am going to be preparing some serious potions for the next time we encounter someone who wants to cause us real harm.

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Session 2 Notes
My first day of class

We start this session off with the students heading into Hogwarts, just outside the great hall, Professor McGonagall takes me aside to what looks like a classroom so that I can be “sorted” separately from the first years. She then leaves saying she will send someone for me.

While I wait, I look around the classroom poking through the things behind the lecture podium, after finding nothing of interest, an adult, Professor Lovegood comes in and we go through the “sorting ceremony”. The hat seems to think I would do well in House Slytherin and Ravenclaw, but ultimately places me in Ravenclaw, which is Prof. Lovegood’s house. I am then led into the great hall and sit at the Ravenclaw table.

I pull out my notebook and start making notes of the experience while waiting to see what happens next. Another Ravenclaw fifth year named Brunhilda starts a round of logic tests with the other Ravenclaw students, when I finally hear what is going on, I note the answers as I figure them out in my notebook.

After the first years are all sorted, the feast starts. We get some reminders of the rules from Prof McGonagall, and I identify Professor Brickston who teaches History of Dark Arts and Professor Clarkson who is the new potions master.

After the feast, I hear that Chloe is still missing, and then Hannah leads the first years and myself up to the Ravenclaw common room for the evening.

The next morning, I head down with the rest of the house to the great hall for breakfast and to figure out where my classes are. There is still some concern about Chloe, and I am asked if I have seen her, but since I have never met her, I wouldn’t know it even if I had seen her.

After breakfast my first class is Charms with Prof. Flitwick. We work on the banishing charm, I end up getting paired with Brunhilda, and we execute it fine. Prof. Flitwick has some disparaging comments on the quality of the wand instruction I was given and gives me some pointers. They worked well enough, but I don’t know if I will keep using them.

After class one of Trent’s friends Gustoff from house Hufflepuff tells us that Professor Hagrid has a unicorn foal and is going to lead an expedition into the off-limits Dark Forest to try to find its mother. They just need volunteers to go with them. I agree and plan to meet up with them an hour before sunset at Hagrid’s place.

The rest of my classes that day are uneventful, and soon it is time to meet up. When we get to Hagrid’s everyone is fascinated by the unicorn foal, but all I can think about is all of the uses there are for parts of the unicorn, maybe the mother will be dead when we find it and I can harvest some ingredients.

And that is where we ended it for the night. I hope with the next session we will start to get some sort of flow going.

Session 1 Notes
Radim meets his fellow students and brews a potion

I am dropped off at the platform for the Hogwarts Express, and instead of milling on the platform, I immediately board the train and claim a birth and begin setting things up to brew a quick potion while I wait.

Eventually an older girl comes in and parks herself across one of the seats looking at me curiously. This would be Lilith. A little while later two more join the room observing me strangely. One is Trent who seems very outgoing and the other is Moira.

As I finish up the potion of Meal in a Cup sometime after the train starts, and I am just waiting for it to cool down when a school Prefect by the name of Dominic from House Gryphindor sticks his head in. He heard that something strange was going on in one of the cabins, and he assumes it was my potion making. I pull out five cups and put some of the potion in each and distribute them to the occupants of the car as well as Dominic and then drink mine. The rest of the recipients eventually drink theirs though some wait for others to do so before they do.

While I start packing up my supplies and tools, we find out that the other reason that Dominic is here looking to see if anyone has seen a fifth year from Gryffindor named Chloe. No one else in the room has seen her, so he moves on.

Later after the sweets trolley comes by, another girl comes by named Hannah who is also looking for Chloe. At this point Trent and Lilith decide to look for this Chloe, and I tag along to see the rest of the train and who I will be in school with. Eventually Moira decides to follow along.

Are first encounter is a with a first year struggle to get into a compartment upset that her rat was stolen by her brother. Lilith knocks on the door claiming to be a prefect. I meanwhile quietly begin teaching her the opening charm so that she can take care of this herself. The compartment's occupants open the door to look out and Lilith forces the door open. The Slytherin boys deny having the rat, so I ask the girl what the rat's name is and summon it to my hand to hand off to her. Then Lilith closes the door and uses the locking charm on it much to the consternation of the two Slytherin.

We continue along the train and eventually find the cabin with Dominic and another ex-student of Durmstrang by the name of Enzio Pajo. I greet him in Russian and we continue our search. Unfortunately we don't find her before it is time to change.

We then arrive at the station and Hagrid greets me and offers me the option of going with the first years to be sorted or to have a private sorting ceremony. Since I don't want to stick out anymore than I already am going to, I decide for the private ceremony (I don't want the symbolism of the Sorting Hat ceremony to reinforce the perception of my being a first year. My age and size are already going to do that enough.


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