Lilith Nightshade

Half-Vella student at Hogwarts


Lilith is a Half-Veela on her mother’s side and Wizard on here father’s. She has bounced from foster home to foster home after her parents died in an automobile accident, of all things, at the age of 6. Her father, obsessed with muggle automobiles, insisted on driving as a hobby and she still harbors some resentment to their death in such a stupid and pointless way to this day. She attends Hogwarts on a hardship scholarship and, much to her initial chagrin, is assigned to House Gryffindor. As a legacy, she should have been assigned to Slytherin and asked The Sorting Hat for assignment to that house but the Sorting Hat declined. Despite this, she is happy in Gryffindor and her loyal and heroic nature fits well in the Gryffindor house.

Otherwise she appears to be a pretty well adjusted and loyal student. She views most everyone as her friend and seems to be oblivious to the attention she gets from the boys and the dislike from other girls, viewing their barbs as harmless jokes and exchanging barbs back with a laugh. She is a casual serial dater but has never noticed or considered this abnormal.

She usually pushes the uniform dress code to the breaking point with shortened uniform skirts and fitted, open blouses which sometimes earns demerits for Gryffindor but the boys in the house have never seemed to mind… In civilian life she dresses very Goth in blacks, purples and reds.


Lilith Nightshade

EP: 35 Rank: Seasoned House: Gryffindor Grade: 5th Year

Race: Half Veela Age: 15 Sex: Female
Height: 5’4" Weight: 110 Hair: Black and Red Eyes: Green

SMA: D10

Derived Stats
Pace: 6 Parry: 2 Toughness: 4 Charisma: 4 (-2 versus females)

Half Veela
Power Points +10
New Power: Confusion
New Power: Detect/Conceal Arcana

Smart Mouth
Brazen Hussy

Wizardry (Spellcasting): D10
KS: Arcana: D6
KS: Hogwarts: D6
Investigation: D6
Alchemy: D6
Jeweler: D4
Notice: D6
Persuasion: D6
Stealth: D4
Streetwise: D6
Pilot Broom: D4

Wand: 9" long, Straight and tapered of black polished Ebon Afrika with three silver bands at the grip. Made with Unicorn hair and Hippogriff blood.

Familiar: Lilith’s familiar is a Raven named Abercrombie that was originally her fathers.

Pendant of Spell Storage

Lilith Nightshade

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