Valley of the Sun - Savage Hogwarts Adventures

Session 5 Notes

School has been busy and while I have spent extra time since I started hanging out with Moria, Trent, Lilith, Gustoff and Brunhilde preparing for the trouble that they invariably get me caught up in. For example I have taken to always carrying at least one potion that will flash a bright light temporarily blinding those nearby. I also make it a point to carry a potion of invisibility to make a safe retreat when I need to get away.

So while the school was all worked up with the upcoming dance, I was mostly focused on other matters. Lilith engineered my encounter with Lucy and suggested I ask her to the masquerade party. Once that was done, Moria, Lilith, and Brunhilde drug me off to shop for appropriate attire in Hogsmeade.

While we were on our way there, we spotted Chloe also headed that direction. She was upset apparently she didn't have an appropriate outfit and lacked the funds to acquire one. I offered to cover the cost seeing as how I have the funds and other than the extra expense of purchasing potion ingredients, I don't really use my funds. She chose not to take me up on the offer and when Lilith tried to force the issue, she fled in tears. What is this concern about an outfit to a silly costume party?

Hannah later approached us. What a difference in the way she behaves since she started dating Trent. Anyway she wanted us to help her setup Chloe with appropriate mask and shoes for the party, and that she had already taken care of the dress. So when we went shopping we got me an outfit and a mask, and Chloe a white mask and shoes. The entire shopping event was way overblown and I would have preferred it if they had just left me out of it.

After that I spent some time creating a second potion of invisibility because I just knew it was going to be needed for Lucy. Then I went to bed for the evening.

The day of the party was spent mostly studying and doing finishing touches on my potion experiments. When it was time to meet for the party we realize that Gustoff stood up Brunhilde, but she went with some other boy that I didn't know.

The party was mostly boring music and I spent it mostly on the outskirts my friends did make me go out on the dance floor once. Mostly I spent it talking to Lucy. Eventually we were all sitting around a couple of nearby tables when Trent notices an adult forcing Chloe to leave the party and decides to interfere.

This leads to a mental attack that stuns and disorient most of the students. Then a mental voice makes some confusing pronouncement about the Order of the Phoenix whatever that is). I hand Lucy the extra invisibility potion with instructions to take it and hide if trouble starts. I also pull out my flash bang potion to use if things get out of hand.

About this time Hagrid's body comes crashing down through the glass ceiling and lands with a crash in the middle of the dance floor apparently dead. At this point other adults pull their wands and start attacking various students causing them to collapse in screams of pain. I move closer to where the man had dragged Chloe and where Lilith and Trent already were and threw my flash bang missing badly, but at least causing some sort of distraction while Lucy drank the potion and disappeared hopefully moving to safety.



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