Valley of the Sun - Savage Hogwarts Adventures

Session 1 Notes

Radim meets his fellow students and brews a potion

I am dropped off at the platform for the Hogwarts Express, and instead of milling on the platform, I immediately board the train and claim a birth and begin setting things up to brew a quick potion while I wait.

Eventually an older girl comes in and parks herself across one of the seats looking at me curiously. This would be Lilith. A little while later two more join the room observing me strangely. One is Trent who seems very outgoing and the other is Moira.

As I finish up the potion of Meal in a Cup sometime after the train starts, and I am just waiting for it to cool down when a school Prefect by the name of Dominic from House Gryphindor sticks his head in. He heard that something strange was going on in one of the cabins, and he assumes it was my potion making. I pull out five cups and put some of the potion in each and distribute them to the occupants of the car as well as Dominic and then drink mine. The rest of the recipients eventually drink theirs though some wait for others to do so before they do.

While I start packing up my supplies and tools, we find out that the other reason that Dominic is here looking to see if anyone has seen a fifth year from Gryffindor named Chloe. No one else in the room has seen her, so he moves on.

Later after the sweets trolley comes by, another girl comes by named Hannah who is also looking for Chloe. At this point Trent and Lilith decide to look for this Chloe, and I tag along to see the rest of the train and who I will be in school with. Eventually Moira decides to follow along.

Are first encounter is a with a first year struggle to get into a compartment upset that her rat was stolen by her brother. Lilith knocks on the door claiming to be a prefect. I meanwhile quietly begin teaching her the opening charm so that she can take care of this herself. The compartment's occupants open the door to look out and Lilith forces the door open. The Slytherin boys deny having the rat, so I ask the girl what the rat's name is and summon it to my hand to hand off to her. Then Lilith closes the door and uses the locking charm on it much to the consternation of the two Slytherin.

We continue along the train and eventually find the cabin with Dominic and another ex-student of Durmstrang by the name of Enzio Pajo. I greet him in Russian and we continue our search. Unfortunately we don't find her before it is time to change.

We then arrive at the station and Hagrid greets me and offers me the option of going with the first years to be sorted or to have a private sorting ceremony. Since I don't want to stick out anymore than I already am going to, I decide for the private ceremony (I don't want the symbolism of the Sorting Hat ceremony to reinforce the perception of my being a first year. My age and size are already going to do that enough.



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