Valley of the Sun - Savage Hogwarts Adventures

Savage Potter Session 14 & 15

It is now this strange holiday in the US called Thanksgiving. Apparently everyone goes home and celebrates by eating tons of food. Needless to say those of us who came over from Hogwarts a month ago don't see the point in this, but it does give us some out of class time so I can finish up my work on Dominic's potion. All of this is a good thing because now that I have figured out how to make a cure, and gathered the ingredients, I don't want to let it out of my sight.

I spend most of the first Saturday before the holiday brewing the potion and keeping watch on it. I know that Pajo is supposed to be leaving for the holiday, but I still don't want anything else to disturb the potion. Stan, Lucy, and Dominic keep me company while the others head out to the main land to goof off. The prep work passes uneventfully and I spend time teaching Lucy and helping Dominic with his research.

As evening arrives, the rest of the group shows up. I have some difficulty drawing the needed blood from Chloe and Dominic, so Lilith draws the blood. The blood gets added at the right time, and so we wait for the last two hours of brewing so that Dominic can take it.

About an hour before the potion is ready, one of the teachers burst in complaining about us being out after curfew. I start rummaging in my pockets to find the note that I got from Professor Clarkson.

At this point Professor Longbottom appears in the corner of the room and sends the teacher off saying we have permission to be here. He then leaves us and the others are all suspicious about how he got in the room and was he really Professor Longbottom.

When the potion is ready, I give it to Dominic, and he drinks it down quickly. The then starts convulsing and thrashing about. We get him on the floor and as comfortable as we can as he passes out for a couple of minutes.

When he comes to, he is disoriented, and not sure where he is or how much time has passed. We give him a quick run down on what has been going on, and I let him know that his memories of the last couple of months will come back shortly. We then escort him to the Infirmary where we again run into Professor Longbottom. This Longbottom did not see us earlier in the evening, so who was the other one? Anyway, the nurse is rude, but I let her know what I have done to cure Dominic and she kicks us out and tells us to go back to bed, which we do.

The next morning, I go down to have breakfast and wait for the others to show up. I also keep an eye out to see if Pajo shows up. When everyone gets there Lilith, Chloe, and I go visit Dominic in the infirmary. He is fighting with the nurse, trying to get out, but she wants to hold him for a couple of days of observation. He has however started getting his memory back which I think is a good sign. We leave Chloe with him and Lilith and I go try to find a room to set up our Defense Against the Dark Arts club.

We go to an isolated class, and I cast silence on the door, and Lilith goes in to make a lot of noise. I can just barely hear her through the door as she screams, so I tell her to do it again, and cast the spell on the wall. It helps some more so we decide to round-up everyone for our first meeting later that afternoon.

I head there early to do some potions work and June meets me and says she wants to help. With a shrug and an "Okay" I go to the room and she follows me. More students show up and finally Professor Longbottom show up and puts a charm on the door to remove magical disguises and we all traipse in and out again. He then pulls out an old battered copy of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and starts teaching us the Knockback Jinx.



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